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Rock Engravings & Petroglyphs

A trip to the Rock engravings & paintings, The Burnt Mountain and The Organ Pipes accompanied by a resident guide. Many of the rock formations are the products of prehistoric volcanic action. Fascinating plants in the area include the Welwitschia Mirabilis, the Moringa and a variety of Commiphora species.

Rock engravings: The engravings have very few depictions of humans; by far the majority of the engravings at Twyfelfontein depict animals and their spoor. The rock engravings at Twyfelfontein revealed a deeper understanding of the world to the hunters and the gatherers that lived there in the past.

Organ Pipes: These masses of perpendicular dolerite pillars are located down the riverbed and formed by the intrusion of volcanic rock dolerite about 120 million years ago.

Burnt Mountain: Located a couple of kilometers from the Organ Pipes and visible from the road. The Karoo limestones which formed the mountain were deposited around 200 million years ago. About 120 million years ago, the same period the Organ Pipes were formed, volcanic lava intruded the limestones and metamorphism giving the mountain its distinctive colour.

Departure time: 08h00 (after breakfast)
Included: Mineral water & soft drinks
Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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